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Spring concert, spring clean

With our spring concert just days away, it's time to give Lucy (my fiddle) a clean up - she's got pretty dusty of late. Whilst it's always worth wiping your violin and bow with a duster after playing to keep rosin build up under control, once in a while she needs a little more love.

So here’s how to give your violin a quick spruce up:

  • I start with a very slightly damp corner of a duster or paper towel to get the worst of the rosin off my bow and fiddle.

  • My W.E. hill & Sons Varnish Cleaner may be more than a decade old, but it's still the best; it's available online for around £7. Try to follow the grain of the wood with the varnish cleaner, and give a gentle buff with a clean duster thereafter.

  • To clean the inside, put about a tablespoon of dry uncooked rice inside, and shake it about all the corners to clear the dust, and then tip it back out. 

Now she's ready to go, it's back to my practice! Hope to see you on Saturday night.

Tina (and Lucy)


Great tips....going to try it on my bass, so will a bag of rice be enough? ...and if I can't get it all out by Saturday can I join the fabulous percussion section as a maraca ?!

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